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Access your attic space with the touch of a button. Motorized stairs, MAJIC

Electric motorized attic access staircase. Attic storage solution.

What are the staircase sizes available?

Standard sizes are based upon the height of your ceiling, 

Majic Stairs will accommodate garage ceiling storage heights from 8' to 12'-6". For homes with ceiling heights over 12’-6” we have the option of adding a small landing if the space allows it. Most Majic Stairs are sold in 13, 15 and 16 tread stringers.

Garage electric motorized staircase provides access to your attic.
Plenty of room for car.

What is the lead time for installation?

Typically we can schedule your garage ceiling storage install within 30 days of receiving your deposit.

Complete motorized electric stair installation picture with happy customers in photo

How long does it take installers to complete the job?

Majic Stairs install team arrives and within a few hours your motorized stairs are completed and ready for use.  We schedule a 5 hour appointment for most installations.