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About Majic Stairs motorized attic stairs...


Majic Stairs was created out of a need for something better.

Since moving to Florida the Brunner’s have stored items in their attic, and it was a busy attic.   They were up and down the pull down ladder regularly to access some seasonal, keep sake or records and files of some importance.   Without a basement the storage solutions were at a minimum, when they used the attic space it reduced some of the space issues in the house.


With a talent for sourcing the right materials, Ron designed and built a motorized electric stairway to access his attic storage space.

Fetching the pull cord and traversing the ladder often with a full hand and the other on the ladder for stability was a chore that Ron Brunner felt could be improved.   With his engineering and design background for large scale construction projects, his mind imagined motorized attic stairs . 


Now with superior access Majic Stairs lead you to additional square footage of your home.

These electric motorized attic stairs safely lower to the floor, and retract back into the ceiling with the push of a button.  A true upgrade to any pull down ladder.  The basic straight stair stringer and handrail allow for a gentle slope in reaching your storage space comfortably with your feet on a stable angle of rise and run of sturdy aluminum treaded steps.