Majic Stairs allow you to safely access your attic storage space with the touch of a button. Free up garage floor space and add usable square footage to your home.


Majic Stairs is the only product on the market today that is a “true” set of automatically retractable stairs. We feature dual handrails, non-skid treads and wireless push-button remote operation. Built in obstacle detection is standard on all our stairs and lifts.


Majic Stairs & Majic Attic Lifts are built in the USA (Ocala, FL.) using high quality aluminum and powder coated steel components. All of our products are built in jigs to exacting specifications resulting in a high quality product that requires virtually no maintenance.


Majic Stairs and Majic Attic Lifts allow you to safely utilize your existing attic or loft space with the push of a button. No need to rent storage space that is miles away from your home.